REPURPOSE - Maxine Orange 02
REPURPOSE - Maxine Orange 02

REPURPOSE - Maxine Orange 02

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Maxine Orange / 02
12" X 12"
"Keeping it all Together" (a feeling many have had as of late), has many repurposed elements including old paint palette, denim, canvas, paper, a vinyl album... and some items are not actually attached but are literally being held together with shrink wrap. The shrink wrap is part of the art.

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GIVE BACK with the GIFT OF ART!!! All profits from the REPURPOSE shop will be donated directly to the ongoing relief efforts of Hurricane Michael through The Sonder Project and St Andrew United Methodist Church in Panama City. 

All of the REPURPOSE works of art were created specifically for this Hurricane relief project, inspired by our communities coming together in support of our neighbors & turning broken pieces into something beautiful. The silver lining shining through the dark clouds after the storm. Many of the elements were donated by the local art community and creators of all ages were able to make this art as an opportunity to express their creativity at no cost with the understanding that the art would be sold to raise money for relief efforts.

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