Abstract Bridal Portrait - FAQs

Here are some of the most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS in regards to my Abstract Bridal Portraits: 

Do you paint LIVE at the wedding?
Typically my Abstract Bridal Portraits are created from a photo - your favorite pick from the wedding that you've selected after the wedding.

I most definitely can paint live at your event if that is what you are looking for, depending on the location... please email for a quote.

How do I let the bride and groom know that I'm giving this as their gift?gifting notification frame
If you would like to have something to gift at the wedding, You can order my "Gifting Notification Frame" for just $15 more. I will provide you with a beautiful thick acrylic frame that features some info about the custom artwork you are giving them as a gift. This is a nice way to notify the couple that they will be receiving this from YOU; how to get their favorite images to me, and when they should expect to receive the painting. ALSO it is a lovely frame that they will be able to re-use! 

What size options are available for commission bridal portraits?
I currently am offering 5 size options at 3 different price levels (S / M / L) <--- click size options for details.  The image to the right shows the proportion of all of the size options. If you have a different size in mind, please let me know and I can let you know what the price will be for that size.

S - 11x14" or 10x20" $379 / M - 16x20" $479 / L - 24x36" or 16x40" $579






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