Splatter Studio

Something new and unique to the Emerald Coast area, The Splatter Studio at the Maxine Orange Gallery officially opened in February of 2023.

WHAT is the SPLATTER STUDIO?! The Splatter Studio is a room in the back of the gallery where you can get your ART out. A unique idea for a birthday party, girls night out, team building, or fun with a date. You don't have to have experience as an artist, but you definitely have to experience this for yourself. 

The room accommodates up to 6 people at a time. Everyone gets their own 9" x 12" canvas and we provide guidance, tools and paint to get loose and create your own unique piece of art. Before entering the room, we gear up with ponchos, shower caps, shoe covers and goggles to protect your clothing (although we do still suggest wearing something you might not mind getting a little bit of paint on... just in case!) Each attendee is provided a box to take your wet painting home in.

If you have a larger party, the gallery is available for the rest of the group to hang out (you are welcome to bring snacks, drinks, etc) and the splattering can be done in shifts. If you are interested to book a party larger than 6 (or if you are having any other issues with booking online) please contact us directly to make arrangements for your party.

Let's make a mess!!!