Live South Walton Mural @ Corcoran Reverie Seagrove 30A

Maxine Orange Art Corcoran Reverie Live South Walton Mural Seagrove 30a Santa Rosa Beach Florida

Sometimes, the stars just happen to align perfectly. This was one of those projects that just popped up and was maybe even better than I could have imagined. I was commissioned to create a mural at the Corcoran Reverie real estate office in Seagrove Beach on 30A. They moved into this new office last year, and of course 2020 gave them some time to get settled in before having a party. There was a big blank wall outside the front entrance to the office, so they reached out with a couple of ideas for a mural where visitors can stop to take a cool photo, as their office is also right by a couple of popular spots that sometimes have a wait. Together we came up with a cool concept, and I painted it on the big wall outside their office - it took me 4 days to complete, starting on a Friday and finishing up on Monday... moving around all up and down and back and forth on a scissor lift. Luckily, I am not afraid of heights and I actually was quite comfortable on the lift. I have had prior projects with scaffolding or large ladders, but this was my first motorized lift :)

Maxine Orange Art Live Painting

The following week was their party celebrating the new office, and I also had the honor to paint live at the party, where I created a smaller version of the mural on canvas in a looser style.

The design was inspired by life at the beach. There is something magical about going to the beach, especially our beautiful beaches here on the emerald coast. Whether those magical feelings appear when you are driving over the bridge, or that first bit of white sand you see when on the way here to enjoy vacation with family or friends... OR if you are lucky to be living the dream every day of the year, the inspiration is all around us. 

It was an absolute pleasure to partner with the Corcoran Reverie team on this project. We look forward to seeing all of your colorful photos in front of the mural! 

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