Creative Connections

Some of the most valuable treasures I've collected along this colorful journey are the relationships and experiences I've had with other artists and creative people. There is something magical about the connection that we have through our common threads of exploration and experimentation. 

Maxine Orange Art Beachcomber Destin Cover Hope Given Nicole Paloma
My painting that is on the cover of the Beachcomber is a wonderful representation of that passion I have for cultivating creative connections. Hope is a talented musician and a true artist in the sense of the word. She and her boyfriend Christian Mayes play music around the Emerald Coast area known by the name of QWERTY. If you have not seen them yet, make sure to do so if you have the opportunity. I know and love Christian from my Artists at Gulf Place days - he is a magical artist as well. They ain't skeered, and along with the talent they each contain individually, they shared a very cool experience, where i'm sure they learned heaps working as a performing duo on a cruise ship.

The end of my show with Anne Hunter Galleries & Amavida (Jan-Mar 2019) was marked by a special event where I painted live in Rosemary Beach, out in front of Amavida Coffee. I posted a model call and reached out to my 2 favorite sources of bridal gown inspiration in the area, Nicole Paloma and Maggie at Margaret Ellen Bridal. Hope was one of the 3 awesome models that showed up. Not being afraid to put my creative idea out in the world provided the opportunity for a deeper connection with each of these beautiful women as I started creating this collection of paintings. There is something magical about the feeling you get when wearing a wedding dress, no matter who or where you are along the journey of life.

images of bridal portraits from live painting

The original paintings are available here in my shop and printed items are available on Society6.

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