Monthly Giveaway & EMAIL SALE

Hey yall! I've been cleaning up my office and studio lately, and I have a lot of ART that I would love to get rid of... to clear some room for me to make more NEW work!

Since we have not had any shows this year, I would love for you guys to be the first to be able to purchase (at some pretty amazing discounted prices!)

These SALE pieces will be available via email only... they will not be on my website! AND I will also be giving away one item each month, to a randomly selected name from my email list.

SO there are 2 good reasons to make sure you are on my email list! If you have not yet done so... now is a perfect opportunity! 

CLICK HERE TO JOIN and be entered to win!

(note... if you are the monthly winner, you will be notified via email, so if you want to receive your winnings, please make sure to reply to the email with your address!)

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