The purpose of ART WITH PURPOSE

Hurricane Michael has changed the landscape and livelihoods of our neighboring cities and small towns here along Florida's Gulf Coast.  Being so close to the devastation has been an eye opening experience, yet what we have witnessed with our local communities coming together in support of our neighbors has been quite amazing through something that can be so depressing. It will be a very long road, but every little step counts. All of these communities sharing what they can in the ways that they can, are a silver mist shining out from behind a dark cloud. Of course there are MANY negatives, I like to find the positive in a situation when at all possible. So many friends and associates have been going over to volunteer and help out since day 1, and unfortunately I have not been able to go physically do my part. Its hard that we all have to go forward with our everyday lives while this is so close by. The photos and the stories are surreal. If you don't live around here, i'm sure you've probably not heard as much about it lately, but my facebook feed still is filled with daily reminders.
The intensity of the event has somewhat lifted a veil from our everyday lives, and forces many to live each moment to the fullest. The walls are down, and we are who we are, living from our heart, doing what we know we should be doing - towards others, and in our own lives. In a time where so many in this country are divided, we just go forward with kindness, helping our neighbors to hold on to the basic details of everyday life. 
These are some of the things that have inspired me to create ART WITH PURPOSE. I'm inspired by my friends who have stood up as leaders in our local communities, and while I can't go over to do the work, I am here doing my best in a creative and fun way. I've rounded up some AH-mazing artwork from my network of creative peeps, and I hope that EVERYONE will be making a purchase of art for someone that you love this holiday season! 

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