Maxine in Quarantine

So, I started writing this in the middle of the COVID-19 quarantine, while we were all staying at home... and in regular Maxine Orange fashion... well, I got distracted. Things have kind of starting to get back to a more recognizable way of life (or so it seemed til all these riots began a couple of days ago). Luckily for us here in Destin, things are a lot less stressful than they are in bigger cities. Memorial Day weekend brought the lift of the short term rental ban and Hwy 98 has started to feel like summer is pretty much in full swing with lots of license plates from many other states. Our happy beach town appreciates the tourism, and we hope that our visitors show respect to those of us that live here and the others traveling by continuing to safely practice social distancing.


BELOW is what I wrote about a month ago...
(and here are a couple of pics from my "quarantine photoshoot" with Sean Murphy)
Maxine in Quarantine / Sean Murphy PhotographyMaxine Orange Art / Quarantine photoshoot Sean Murphy Photography

Who knows if it is Wednesday or Thursday? We have experienced something different than we ever have before with this coronavirus quarantine, and while it feels like we are getting close to the other side of the hill with businesses starting to open back up... it feels more intense to me at this point than it ever did before. Everybody has been expressing how they can't wait to get back to normal, so as we ease into another transition, I hope that I can... and also urge you to remind yourself that we each have the opportunity to define what our new normal will be. Although it has brought forth unfortunate misery, this experience has also been a unique gift and a historical societal shift. Gray clouds lurk over our sunny days, and if, ahem... well if you look at the world through rose colored glasses like me, or as you scroll through your Instagram feed, it seems like many of us are charting a course among the silver linings. Making the right decisions just seems like what should come next. Creativity is being celebrated in new ways and with so many people working from home, productivity is high, and connections have been happening in magical new ways. I have enjoyed being at home, and as a creative person, my brain has been pushed in unique ways. We have 24 hours in each day, we have the choice to choose what we do with each of those hours and all the minutes. What makes you happy? What brings you joy? What have you always dreamed of and been most passionate about in your life? If you see that others are succeeding at the things you wish you could do, now is the time to make a positive change in your life and  explore something new.  If you keep hearing yourself talk about something that you want to do, stop talking about it. Now is the time. Go get it. 

photo credit: Sean Murphy Photography 

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