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THANKS so much to everyone who contributed money, donated art, time, art supplies, moral support and more to ART WITH PURPOSE!!! I am proud to say that we raised around $4000. I was not sure what to expect, but I am so glad that I did it, and i've learned SO much by doing this! The funds raised are being donated to The Sonder Project and to St Andrew United Methodist Church in Panama City.





The ART WITH PURPOSE ART AUCTION is now over! Thank you so much to everyone who participated, contributed, donated, shared on social media, and more!  
the REPURPOSE SHOP is the easiest way you can GIVE BACK this holiday season with a gift of ART! All REPURPOSE art pieces have been created specifically for this Hurricane Michael relief effort by creative community members and local artists - each include repurposed / recycled elements - inspired by rebuilding & turning the broken pieces into something beautiful. We will continue to sell these for $25 each and will donate the funds. 


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Welcome to the home of ART WITH PURPOSE  - a holiday art pop up ART auction & GIVE BACK shop - working hard to raise money for Hurricane Michael relief. 
Being so close to this unfathomable disaster has been an eye opening experience, yet seeing so many people of the local communities stepping up to help in the relief efforts is overwhelmingly amazing and heart warming. Rarely being shown in the national media, the great part of the story they are missing out on is how this is a picture of America with no divide... the pure beauty of people helping and loving other people.
Funds raised will be donated to 1) St. Andrew United Methodist Church in Panama City, serving as a shelter during and post hurricane Michael, and 2) The Sonder Project helping through a highly organized daily operation sending volunteers and supplies street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, with direction and support from local & emergency management officials.