The adventures of my creative career have been colorful and exciting. It has always been important for me to be working with and around other creative people, learning and exploring. Through all the multifaceted experiences I've enjoyed, the relationships built with other creatives are one of the greatest assets. Additionally that has led to my wanting to help others find success in their own creative endeavors. 

In 2019 I am starting a podcast, which i'm calling CREATIVE MO. I'll be having conversations with a colorful selection of people who have found success in a creative career, as well as those creating opportunities.

This page will be home of the podcast, a place to find artist stories, events, AND opportunities for artists! 

A place to celebrate creativity & succeeding in creative endeavors. I'm feeling inspired, and I hope to pass it on. 

Artworx @ Beachworx

Podcast & IGTV show - launching soon.
GUEST #1 - Anne Hunter 
GUEST #2 - Dana Bridges